Effects Of Covid 19 On migrant workers

Effects of COVID19 on migrant labors
COVID19 virus shattered our country , It devastated many lives , destroyed our economy but one who are badly effected by this pandemic are migrant workers . They faced many problems as they lost their jobs as all factories shut down due to lockdown and there are no public transport for them to go home . It is estimated that there are 13.9 crore migrant workers are in India majority of them are from Bihar,Rajasthan,Madhya pradesh,Uttar Pradesh, About 300 of migrants were died due to lack of food , starvation and other serious reasons , With no money and No public transport thousands of migrants were walking hundreds of Km and with no social distancing as they travelled in groups , Later is may although govt. Launched special trains for migrants they often opted to travel in trucks rather than waiting for their turn on board .

Govt took measures for migrant workers as they permitted the use of NDRF[nations disaster response fund] for providing food and shelter , On 28th march govt. Conducted relive camps all over the country to provide free food for 75 lakh poor people all over the country AS of 12th April 37,978 relive camps were established On 28th may 91 lakh migrants travelled back to their from public transport facilities arranged by govt . Govt announced 1.7 lakh crore for the poor and on 3rd April 11,092 crore for NDRF to provide food and shelter for migrants

Although Govt took several measures many workers are still suffering without any work Govt should release the employment scheme for migrants and must provide financial assistance . If we think that it is only the responsibility of Govt we are wrong we all are the part of this nation we should unite and help them as much as we can , we seen several actors and famous people helping the migrants we seen Ratan Tata donating soo much of money and we seen Sonu Sood helped many migrants to go back to their home and we seen so many people donating masks and daily needs lets unite and help them and fight this pandemic together .
We divide we fall , we unite we win.

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