Humans are developing very rapidly now a days , we can fly in the sky , travel to outer space , swim under water but we all that there is a divine power which control the whole universe which have no origin and no death we call it as god , no one had saw god , If there any one who saw god they never told us that they saw god , god never told us that they are visible to certain people but we all believe in god . There are innumerable supernatural events happening in our world which shows the existence of god.

There was a famous painter Halmon Hunt who drawn a painting of Jesus holding a lamp in hand and knocking a door , his friend came to him and told him that he had caught a mistake in his painting that it has no handle to which halmon hunt replied that the door must be opened from inside to see Jesus which means that we have to open the door of our heart to feel the existence of god

Many centuries ago there was a cowherd who played the flute very beautifully there was a heavenly tone in his music , one day he died people started worshiping his flute in his memory , Generation have passed one came and saw people worshiping the old flute he coated it with gold and after many years one came and coated it with diamonds In the same way generation after generation people started coating with rich , luxurious items after many generation a musician saw people worshiping a flute which was played by a cowherd , his music had a divine tone , musician went there and tried to play that flute but he cant as many people coated it with many luxurious items the holes of flute are closed and it had lost its originality , This is what happening in our society generation after generations people started coating religion with their with their ideals from which religion had lost its originality from which a group of people emerged from society who disagree with the existence of god . So this must be change the religion always contain a divine thoughts , from some individuals it had lost its originality we have to bring it back its original form . Rather than debating that if there is god or no . We have to believe that there is a supernatural divine power which is controls our whole universe . We can feel the divine god only if we lead our lives in path of virtue , It is mentioned in our scripture that god will praise us only if we lead our lives in path of virtue , So lets lead our life with honesty and feel the presence of god in our good deeds

- Divij Nayak

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