We salute teachers

As we all know that teachers day is celebrated in honour of our former
president Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was also a ideal teacher,in this day
we phrase our teachers for their selfless contribution to our nation , many
people from India are working in Google,Microsoft and other international
companies all because of two main reasons one because of support of our
parents and the second main reason is that because of the great sculptors who
shape the normal stones to a great sculpture , they are nun other than our
teachers .Teachers are the ladder of success for students , there is divine
relationship between a teacher and a student which cannot be explained in
In this pandemic many schools are conducting the online classes to keep
students in the flow of study many people are not giving a positive response to
this online classes but the bond between the student and teacher is always
strong whether it is in school or in front of our laptops . As we can see many
videos in social media of a student abusing a teacher in online classes ,
harassing them with vulgar language they may feel cool by abusing teachers but
deep within they are destroying their own character and their future
What I am now and What I will be in future will be all because of my teachers
each words I am typing now are blessings of my teachers , Teachers
unknowingly impart important valuable life lessons to students . Teachers work
wont stop when the school bell rings they give their best to shape the students
as a great human being , lastly I want to thank all my teachers for giving me
lessons of life .
-Divij Nayak soorve

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