Deadly Drugs
Drug is a substance that cause a change in a organism’s physiology or psychology .
Drug have many medical uses like Antipyretic used in reduction of fever , Analgesics
drug used in reduction of pain and many other drugs are used in medical fields but some drugs are very harmful to our body like cocaine , ganja , heroin and many others which causes
addiction and badly harm our body

Most people driven towards drug addiction in the age of adolescence . In this age an
individual’s mindset is very curious about trying new things , at first they try drugs
for experiment that later turn into a addiction .

Drugs like heroin [like morphine and opium] is extracted from poppy plant , long
term addiction of heroin can cause imbalance in neuronal and hormonal system ,
heroin can harm our mental health and effects in depression . Cocaine is another
harmful drug extracted from coca plant which directly effect our central nervous
system . Ganja is a harmful drug extracted from cannabis plant which mainly effect
our respiratory system and cause respiratory illness such as asthma and cystic
fibrosis .

For a few moment of intoxication our youths are risking their lives . In India film and
cricket influencers have a major role in influencing youth as we can see
youth mainly follow these two influencers , If a famous cricketer does a stylish
hairstyle many people who follow him also does a same hairstyle so Influencers have
a big responsibility , Now a days we can see many film actors are being arrested in
drug cases This convey a wrong message to the society , so they have to spread
awareness about drug abuse .

Drugs cause hallucination which take them to a world  of illusion they need to get out
of this illusion and must have to start building a strong and healthy society , we don’t
want a Nasha Bharat what we want want is a strong, secure and healthy Bharat .
Lastly I end up with mentioning a quote by Ringo starr

“that’s all drugs and alcohols do,they cut off your emotions in the end”
-Divij Nayak

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